ECN (Electronic Communication Network) is a way of automatic organization of trading of the financial instruments where multiple sources of liquidity (banks) are united with an electronic system for buy/sell transactions.

Integral is one of the world's leading ECN systems, which is created to bring together all the market members. Founded in 1993, it has earned immense popularity, both among the largest banks and financial institutions, and among the community of individual traders, for whom several products are offered, enabling FX trading at the lowest cost and maximum convenience. Nowadays, Integral's offices are located worldwide from Silicon Valley (California), New York and London to Tokyo, Singapore and Bangalore, allowing to achieve a real global coverage for the members of the system. Being the primary broker, NordFX is pleased to offer to customers the direct access to the global liquidity of Integral.

NFX Trades is a trading terminal built on FX Inside Professional platform. It gives access to the high liquidity, gathered within ECN Integral, which is due to the fast execution (time of order's execution is about 40 ms) significantly reduce the transaction costs, and thereby significantly increase the profits gained. An impressive number of different order types and execution options optimizes the overall trading process depending on personal preferences of a trader.

Being a File Transfer Protocol FIX API is an international standard for data exchange between FX exchange members in a real time. ECN Integral can be fully accessed through this protocol of exchange of financial information in case where trader prefers using trading robot or other third-party programs.

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